A Summer of Alberta Local Flower Love

This Summer has felt unusually wet. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re in the Prairies where the slightest increase in humidity makes everything instantly green and the mosquitoes explode, or if a handful of soggy market days has got me feeling waterlogged. Despite all the rain, I love that we have set out to bike our flowers to market. This small act has sparked the imaginations of flower lovers from all over about what … [Read more…]

The Essence of a Spring Bouquet

A collaborative piece from our farm and Amanda Buda, Flower Essence Expert. Life for all of us has changed dramatically these past months. Routines disrupted, plans postponed and new precautions for safe living are all a part of our new normal. For me, one of the hardest things to adapt to is the fact that my Kung Fu school has been closed for almost 2 months now, but thankfully the garden is offering another season … [Read more…]

Honk If you Love Local Flowers !

Bringing our flowers to market with a plant-powered bike cart took all our time and energy away from the blog. If you’ll indulge us, we will share some of our highlights from 2019!  As our gardens are finally put to rest and most of the chores outside are done (cue the nostalgic musical swell), and we can finally prop our feet up by the fire and reflect on the seasons of this year and all … [Read more…]

Seasons Greetings from the Cold, Cold North

with warm wishes from a favourite poem. Wherever you are in the world you may not really know the feeling of what the cold can do to you. I have a fond memory of a Christmas eve, where my Granddad pulled an old leather bound book from the shelf and started reading a poem. The poem was The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service. There is a dark humour about this poem that maybe … [Read more…]

The Flower Gamble

The Winner Takes It All and Mother Nature has the odds stacked in her favour. Are you the type to take a bet? Drop a coin into a slot and hope the horses you picked will come in with big odds? We all know the phrase “the house always wins”, and in nature, this is no different. The stakes are high when it comes to farming, in essence real coins buried in the soil. Do … [Read more…]